What make-ups and where to buy them in Frankfurt, Germany?

This was the question I kept in my mind even before I booked my plane Ticket.

I didn’t do any research about makeup before landing, not even the city itself.

What was in my mind back then was that, I will go and have a look what Frankfurt has to offer. I remember first ever when my host mother took me to shopping trip in Supermarket in the city next to it – Bad Homburg.  We went to Müller drogoriemakt. I remember there was a small little shelf of natural makeup line has caught my eye, not only packaging but also the price !

That was my very first Idea that has popped up into my mind; I will do my make up hunt during my stay!  And my discoveries including shop and brands are down below.

Parfümarie Douglas

Douglas on the Zeil street, Frankfurt

You can find this shop almost everywhere in Germany from shopping streets to shopping mall or just individual store location along the street. The main ones in Frankfurt are on the Zeil Street and Nordwestzentrum. They provide various range of makeup from drugstore like Artdeco to high end like Dr. Haushka. Douglas has also launched their Natural skincare line as well.

DM Drogoriemarkt

Photo from : http://www.europa-center-berlin.de/shop/details/dm-drogerie-markt.html

DM is my favorite place to collect more makeup and personal care products.

Their natural makeup line is Alverde which offers not only makeup but also skin cares, vegan option is also available. I have used face crèmes, eye crèmes, hand crème and concealer products from Alverde and loved all of them. Apart from natural one, more conventional of products they have in DM are P2 cosmetics, Trend it Up , oh and don’t forget to check out Balea for beauty supplies and affordable skincare.

You can find DM almost at every corner of the country.


photo from: http://einfach-dortmund.de/blog/?p=314

Rossmann Drogoriemakt 

Rossman and DM are the same kind of shop, but what difference is the products line. DM has Alverde as their natural product line, Rossmann has Alterra of its own brand. As same as Alverde, Alterra has both makeup and skincare. They have pretty similar kind of products. I have never used any other thing from Alterra apart from Pomegranate shampoo as I tend to reach more to DM but I was loving the shampoo that I was using. The conventional one that Rossmann has are Rival de loop, and Rival de loop young. I’ve used the eye remover from them, apart from the price, the quality is  good too!.

Müller  Drogoriemakt 

photo from : http://www.auhofcenter.at/shops/mueller-drogerie/

Rossmann has Alterra, DM has Alverde, the “naturkosmetik” in Mueller is Terra Naturi, in my opinion, the natural product line in Mueller has the best packaging compared to those ones in Rossmann and DM.


Galeria Kaufhof

Basically, Galeria Kaufhof is like a shopping mall where you can go and get anything you want; clothes, shoes and of course, makeup.I love going to Galeria Kaufhof not only because they have a huge range of Perfume but my love of Artdeco. Their beauty section has pretty much the same stuff as Douglas. As same as Douglas, their locations are pretty much around the city; on the Zeil street and Nordwestzentrum in Frankfurt.


Yves Rocher

I know it’s international brand but I can’t help including this. I already loved this brand when I was in Thailand and loved it even more in Germany! Why? Well, the price is cheaper, more product range especially in festive time like Christmas. Furthermore, they always have promotions and offer throughout the year especially when you order online.  As always, their locations are on the Zeil Street and Nordwestzentrum.


Happy shopping lovelies !